Online Bingo

Online bingo is the hot new craze that's sweeping the nation today, with a online bingo website out there to suit everyone - young or old! From vibrant, flirty rooms for the 18-30 crowd, to jazzy gossipy games with bursting chat rooms, slower paced games and even themed games with silly twists - you are sure to find somewhere you love to play online bingo. And it doesn't even have to break the bank, with many online bingo sites offering tickets for as little as 2p with some even offering free bingo games on special days with cash prizes!

How To Play

Playing online bingo is easy. Simply find a room where a game is about to begin, buy your ticket and wait for the game to start. Many online bingo rooms have vibrant and welcoming chat rooms, so you need not be bored while you wait, and make a few friends as well. If you aren't feeling chatty, then there are also often many games on offer to play while you wait, such as Blackjack, Slot Games and puzzles! Once it starts, the bingo numbers are called and flash up on the screen - if you have speakers you can also hear them being called, just like in a classic bingo hall. Simply dab off your numbers with your mouse pointer on your ticket as they are called, and don't be shy to claim your bingos when you win!

How To Bet

Betting is done by purchasing a ticket - you can buy 1 up to a large amount of tickets for a single game, with some online bingo sites offering the chance also to buy tickets for scheduled games in advance. The restrictions on the amount of tickets you can by vary from website to website, but you can still have just as much fun with 1 ticket as one-hundred! There is no need to book tickets in advance, though, you can simply pick a room with a game about to begin whenever you feel like playing, and buy your ticket upon entering. Ticket prices vary, with the huge jackpot bingo games where players can win thousands of pounds often having tickets at a higher price, while the smaller rooms often offer tickets for mere pennies.

Online Bingo Tips

Bingo is a game of pure luck - you either have the winning ticket or you don't! Of course, there are also ways to ensure you have an edge over all the other players - and these top tips should help. Some online bingo games offer an "Auto Dab" and "Auto Bingo" option - this allows players to have the computer dab and claim their numbers and bingos for them automatically - which could be quicker than you could do yourself. On the flip side, though, if you think you are the fastest with your mouse, it may be a good idea to find rooms where the Auto Dab or Auto Bingo function isn't available, and try to beat those slower players! For each ticket you buy, you increase your chances of winning- for example someone with 4 tickets has a 4 times likely chance of winning than someone with one. If you feel like taking the risk, more tickets could be a good option - especially if there is a huge jackpot up for grabs.